Happiness On a Stick!

Cake pops are the big thing right now! They are super cute and very delish! But, did you know that CAKE isn't the only thing that comes on a stick? Check out these awesome goodies on a stick!

Candy Cane Heart suckers...these are super cute! Perfect for teacher or neighbor gifts!


Cheesecake Pops dipped in chocolate and topped with yumminess!


Gumdrop Rose lollipop perfect for a Valentine's Day treat!


Warm and fuzzy cotton candy cookie pops for Valentine’s Day


Hand Drawn Rose Marshmallows... made with edible markers! :)

Carmel Marshmallow Pops ... a cavity waiting to happen! :)


Conversation Heart Cookie Pops! Okay, these are too cute!!


Playdoh Pops that are actually a cookie!


Heart Shaped Cake Pops... just in time for V-Day!


How cute are these Sweetie Pie Pops... PIE on a stick! :)

I would LOVE to try each and every one of these!! MMmmm!!
Do you have a cake/cookie/pie pop 
that you want to share with us? Link it up here!!

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