I'm addicted to change. I change things around A.LOT. Things in my house get moved around daily, my kitchen gets painted often, I go through and get rid of clothes weekly, and just yesterday I brought a bedroom dresser into the living room. I love it. My husband hates it. I NEED change. It makes me happy. When I happen to sit for a moment, my mind starts to think about all the possible ways my house could be arranged, painted, cleaned, organized, or CHANGED! :)  I think I have changed my blog background and header at least 10 times in the last 3 days! I think that most people change their blog backgrounds maybe once a month... or so. As for me, it seems I change mine every other HOUR!  I see so many cute backgrounds and headers out there, and I guess I just want to try them all. It seriously only takes me like 10 minutes to change the whole look of my blog. So, a couple of questions for you...
  • how often do you change your blog look?
  • what color does the word 'sassy' bring to mind?


sassy101 said...

You are so funny!!! Every time i come to your blog everything is different! PINK comes to mind when i think of the word SaSsY

Courtney and Heather said...

We like the keep ours header and layout the same. It gives your blog an unique, individual look, and it's something for your readers to know you by!

When I think of sassy, I think of pink, animal print, and maybe a peace sign! :)


Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

Because of you, I changed mine up last night and LOVELOVELOVE it. I might be changing it more often so I don't get bored. It's the crafter in us, right?

MaryBerry Boutique said...

Marni, I LOVE change too! I think you and i change our blog backgrounds more then anyone ive seen:)lol I totally agree. I see so many CUTE HEADERS and BACKGROUNDS how can i only choose 1? I love change and love to see things in new ways:) my hubby gets annoyed cause i am always like "honey can you help me move the bed...couch...everything!?" I think change is good and i always say that at least i dont have creepy spiders and dust bunnies under my furniture. Right?:) I say change it up as much as you want cause i sure do:) OH and when i think of "sassy" i think PINK:)

Susan @ homeroad.net said...

In 6 months I've probably changed my blog 8 times... I get bored too. I change my house & my blog. I think we wouldn't be creative if we liked things to stay the same. Change is great and creative!
Susan @ Homeroad

MaryJo said...

I, too, love to change my blog backgrounds and header! There are so many pretty ones out there!! I like the plainer ones too - makes the information look crisp and clear. I try to force myself to keep the same one for at least a week or two! Ha-ha!!

Sassy to me means bold, bright and different!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Change is fun! :) I've only changed my blog background once... I had a free one, then won a makeover and got my own design. So it's stayed the same since then. But I really love it. :) RED says sassy to me... ;)

Andi said...

I am totally and completely addicted to change! I would change my blog look and feel, but I get so many positive comments on it, I can't! So instead I change other things about my blog, adding series, guest-posts, etc. When I think of sassy I think of RED.

Katherines Corner said...

giggle, sometimes changes is GOOD.Sending hugs and smiles and wishes for a wonderful weekend!Katherine

Brycie Jean said...

I change my blog around ALOT! More than once a month thats for sure! In the past 2 weeks I think I have had about oh 9 or 10 backgrounds. I just can't seem to find one that is ME! :)


Anonymous said...

I hear you. I like change too, but my hubby doesn't lol!

The word sassy brings to mind a lovely bright zingy orange ... :0)

Have a great weekend.

Coffee and a Mop said...

I am obsessed with Templates instead of backgrounds. Templates change everything on your blog...not just your background. The one on my "main blog" stays the same because I like it so much. But I have a Celebrations and Holidays one that I change monthly sometimes weekly depending on my mood. I get my templates from leelou-blogs.com (they are free).

When I hear Sassy I think Hot Pink (and maybe some black).

I love change too. I get bored looking at the same things over and over again.

This is my first time visiting here...I saw your link on organizeyourstuffnow.wordpress.com

I'm a new follower!!!

radn said...

I think of hot pink with the black chandelier!

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Marni Cochran said...

RED makes me think sassy!