Sunday Spotlight!

"I am the wife of a former Marine and the mother of 2 beautiful kids. We live in the Texas Panhandle.Like many other families we too have been affected by the unfortunate circumstances of the economy.In 2008 my husband was laid off from the oil fields.We ended up loosing the home we were working so hard for.We had to relocate our family to the city.Once we moved my husband began a job search which was not successful.We decided that the best thing was for him to go back to school full time.I am a stay at home mommy during the day and in the evenings I assist elderly with their night time routines.I have a beautiful daughter named Estrella and a handsome little boy named Robert.I stay home to take care of Robert because he has a disorder called CCAM which means he has cysts on his lungs.It hasn't been a easy road but that's just part of life.I know that God wont give me more than I can handle.So I take what he gives me and I do the best I can."
Mommy Katie's blog is dedicated to GIVEAWAYS and reviews! Her most recent giveaways include

Katie also does tons of great reviews on toys and other fun stuff!!
...and the best part is, once she reviews it
Who doesn't love FREE stuff?! Check out Mommy Katie's blog for these giveaways and TONS more!!
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