meet lori

a wife
a sister
a cancer fighter
a mother of five
an inspirational woman!
Carrie, over at Fine and Handy is hosting a fundraiser event for her sister, Lorie who is battling breast cancer. She is just 30 years old and has five little kids. Join the Soren family next Saturday for a fun filled fundraiser day that starts at 11am

This sounds like a FUN day and it's raising money for a good cause. If you are in Utah, you'd better be there!! :) We are praying for the Soren Family!


  1. Oh My My....thank you so much! I really really appreciate this feature. You're the best:)
    Hope to see ya all there!

  2. I am so touched by all the people that have been supporting us! Even so many that I don't know. Thank you for posting this!


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