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...the STOCKINGS were hung!

Welcome to day 8 of our Sassy Christmas party!

Today is ALL about stockings!
BURLAP, homemade, POlKa DottEd,
 RuffledKIDS, buttons, PeRsoNAliZeD,
 damask, FELT, old fashioned...

...well, why don't I just show you!
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2 Custom Christmas Stockings Old School Collection Boa Tops and Cuffs, DIY Bold Bright Fun Funky Retro Vintage Mid Century Modern
RESERVED for Slavia: VANILLA ICING - Two Burlap Christmas Stockings with Creamy Colored Lace
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christmas stockings
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steufel said...

Ohh, love that. We do not have those stockings in Germany - and looking at all this awesomeness I have to say - unfortunately!

Rachel said...

the ones with the robots are so cute! what a great way to personalize christmas :)

The Yellow Cape Cod said...

Thanks for sharing my stockings!! What a great line up. Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

So many different stocking options! Love it!