Leprechaun Crafts!

The Party Animal
has TONS of fun leprechaun ideas that you can do with your kids!
Add some Green Food Coloring to the Toilet water – Now that would be a funny surprise for the kids first trip to the bathroom in the morning.
Let the kids think the Leprechaun’s were there by turning everything upside down in their rooms and in the house. Put things in odd places, Upside down, turn around pictures maybe even rearrange the furniture a bit. They are crazy little buggers !!!
Leave Green Footprints around the house – Cut them out from Green Construction Paper and Tape on the Floor, Up the walls and even on the Ceiling or you can even use washable paint.
Sprinkle Green Sprinkles all over the Breakfast Table, on their food and maybe in other fun places around the house.
Stamp a Shamrock on your Child’s Hand while they are asleep or even stick some Shamrock Stickers on them for a fun surprise when they wake up.
Leave a trail of Green Shamrock Stickers all over the house on Door Knobs, Bathroom Mirror, Floor etc… maybe have a treat waiting at the end for them – Gold Coins perhaps???
The night before take your Green Food Coloring and dye some Ice Cubes Green so that the kids can enjoy there Ice Cold Water Irish Style !!!
Dress up for the kids with a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Hat maybe some Green Sunglasses and Green Lipstick. Oh and as the kids leave for school give them a big Green Lipstick Kiss on their Cheek – that will make for fun conversation.
Create a St. Patty’s Day Treasure Hunt – for the Pot of Gold (Coins). Cut out Paper Shamrocks with Clues to find their special Pot of Gold (Coins) hidden somewhere in the house.
lucky little leprechaun
Prepared Not Scared
Leprechaun Wall Hanging
How cute are these leprechaun hats made from glad ware!

This is a simple crafts that anyone can do!
Meet the Dubieus
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Loopy Leprechauns
The First Grade Parade
Make a Leprechaun trap!
The Crafting Chicks

paper plate leprechaun
Crafts for All Seasons
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and another one from
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handprint leprechauns
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So fun!!
Add your Leprechaun crafts to our list!

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Such fun ideas. My boys would really love these.


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