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PEEPS and Self-Reliance

Today was my turn to teach the Young Women. I LOVE teaching!! The lesson today was part one of Growing and Maturing in Self-Reliance. Just as a tiny chick hatching from its shell must break out by itself, so our growth in self-reliance requires our own effort and exertion. At times this growth may be painful, but these "hatching" experiences make us stronger! In Doctrine and Covenants 29:1-2 it tells us that being close to our Father in Heaven and the Savior, we can grow in strength. They have promised to gather us "as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings."
I thought it would be a perfect handout to use PEEPS to help the girls remember the lesson!

(I got the idea from HERE, but changed it around a little)
The handout reads:
We started this life as tiny PEEPS....
but as we grow and mature, we learn to do things
 on our own. some of that learning will be hard,
 but if we stay close to the Lord, we can find help and
comfort as He gathers us under His wing and
 protects us. That is what Heavenly Father wants
 from us. To make decisions on our own and do
things for ourselves, but always stay close
to His teachings and keep the commandments.

HERE is the link to the free printable! :)
I used rage font in the original printable, but for some reason it wasn't showing up when I tried to convert it over to a printable... any ideas?
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Sarah said...

Marni, that is awesome! I bet your YW loved those!! I pinned this!


Unknown said...

This is a wonderful idea...thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

I featured this on my blog today:


Merry said...

When I went to download the tag, all the words were globbed up in the left hand corner, not able to read them. Then Scribd wanted me to pay for a subscription...? If possible could you email it to me, thanks Merry

Erin said...

Hello! I am teaching a YW lesson next Sunday on self reliance. I am trying to download your darling free printable but it says it has a virus. Is there any chance I could get you to e-mail it to me. It would be PERFECT for my lesson. It is so darling!!!! If you would be willing to do that please send it to mesmith03@msn.com. That is a zero before the 3.

Thanks you so much!!!!

Erin said...

I forgot to tell you it is your PEEP printable.

Britta said...

"FREE" printable wants me to join a website for $7.99 a month! Can you e-mail me the PEEPs printable? brittalovesbrent@gmail.com
It's DARLING! Thanks

Anonymous said...

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