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Vinyl Lettering

Fill your home with words of faith, hope, family, love, and inspiration. Vinyl sayings for walls are an affordable and cute decorating idea for a nursery or child's room. Decorate your family room with removable wall sayings or words, or remind little children to wash their hands with our cute bathroom wall quotes. Vinyl wall quotes are a beautiful and affordable way to decorate - anywhere you have something to say!

a little bit about me...
meet Marni
My name is Marni and I am addicted to crafts, painting, and most of all vinyl lettering! I own and run my own vinyl lettering business. My cutter is 24" wide, so that makes for bigger vinyl projects! Perfect for cars, store fronts, wall decor, crafts, scrapbooking, labels, etc. Vinyl lettering is easy to apply and perfect if you rent or want to do temporary decor. You can customize your own sayings using different fonts, colors, and sizes. This will ensure that you get the look that is perfect for your home.

Here's how it works:
pick your quote/saying
measure your space
pick a font- we have TONS!
choose the color of vinyl
click on the buttons to go straight to the
 category you are looking for...

go to any of these free font sites and pick ANY font!

I get the cutest scrapbooking fonts at Free Scrapbook Fonts! kevinandamanda.com/fonts
How to measure your space for vinyl.
You want to measure from the top of the TALLEST letter to the bottom of the LONGEST letter.

Price List:
This list will just give you an idea of prices versus sizes. Remember you can order ANY size in between these measurements. Just as an example, you can order a 5"x 11" or 72"x 123"... etc.
up to 6" tall and...
12"wide- $9.00
18"wide- $12.00
24"wide- $15.00
30"wide- $18.00
36"wide- $21.00
up to 12" tall and...
12"wide- $12.00
18"wide- $15.00
24"wide- $18.00
30"wide- $21.00
36"wide- $24.00

up to 18" tall and...
12"wide- $15.00
18"wide- $18.00
24"wide- $21.00
30"wide- $24.00
36"wide- $27.00

up to 24" tall and...
12"wide- $18.00
18"wide- $21.00
24"wide- $24.00
30"wide- $27.00
36"wide- $30.00

*if you are planning a group activity such as Super Saturday, please email me for
To purchase vinyl by the SHEET to make your
own projects at home using a Cricut, go HERE
Vinyl Colors
white, black, beige, silver, chocolate brown, gold, hot pink, baby pink, apple red, burgandy, lavendar, dark purple, royal blue, baby blue, turqiouse, pumpkin orange, rust orange, lemon yellow, lime green, hunter green
*actual vinyl colors may differ from these shown on the computer screen
email me at
with questions and orders