simple flower headband

{Made By Me Monday}
This was the super simple and VERY cute flower headband that we made during our free time at girls camp. My sister originally taught me how to make these darling little paper flowers a couple of weeks ago, and I've been hooked on them ever since! They can go on anything... jars, scrapbooks, headbands, frames, etc! So fun!!
So here's how to make 'em...

two 2x12 strips of paper
a paper circle
a headband
a bling!
I found a pack of 7 headbands at the dollar store! Can't beat that!! :)
Glue your two strips together to make one long strip, then start accordion folding.
Glue the other ends together
turn inside out, gather the middle of the flower together and glue.
 It takes a little practice and some patience...
 glue the back of the flower AND the front
to make sure it doesn't come undone
 add your circle and your bling
glue your flower onto your headband
that's it!
super fun and SIMPLE! Perfect for a
summer day project with your girls!


Mom O' Nine said...

Really cute. Looks do-able. :-)

Rowberry Family said...

this looks like fun, i think my girls woud love these!
stop on by for a visit, everythingelseilove.blogspot.com

have a great day!

Natalie said...