DIY wreaths- tips and tricks!

Thanks to Sarah from Home Sweet for being our very first sassy tutorial yesterday! She shared an amazing tutorial on how to make a spring wreath. If you have a tutorial that you would like to share, email me at sassy.sites@hotmail.com. I thought today would be fun to share some other amazing wreaths around blogland. If you haven't visited my pinterest wreath page, go on over and check it out!
First, a TIP on how to GROW your own ivy wreath!
Measure the diameter of a topiary wreath frame. Cut a pantyhose leg to the length of the topiary diameter. Fill the pantyhose leg with potting soil. Tie the opening of the pantyhose leg in a knot. Thread the soil-filled pantyhose leg into the inside of a wreath frame, like a tube inside a tire. Stuff Spanish moss into the wreath frame so it covers and holds the stuffed pantyhose in place. Make three to four slits into the pantyhose, evenly spaced around the wreath. Transplant ivy starters or seedlings into the slits. Hang the wreath in partial light and in a cool area. Spray the wreath thoroughly with water to saturate the moss and soil. Spray the wreath periodically to keep the soil moist. Do not allow the soil to become soggy or dry out. Tie the ivy branches to the wreath frame with string or wire as they grow to maintain the circular shape of the topiary. After the wreath fills, trim excessive or wild growth to keep the wreath from becoming overgrown.

Curbly shares 310 CUTE wreath tutorials... yowza!
created at: 10/18/2011
The Art of Doing Stuff shows us how to use a dollar store pool noodle to get the perfect wreath shape for cheap! It goes from this...
to this!
Don't have a ton of money? Well, here's an inexpensive idea! Twig & Thistle used paper cups and hot glue to make this AMAZING wreath! This is next on my to-do list!
I LOVE the idea of this hanging wreath! Dejavu Crafts used a $1.00 thrift store lamp base and transformed it into a wreath hanger to get this look! I love it!
This is fun idea to use straws to make your wreath! I think this idea from Ruffled is perfect for a birthday party!
diy tutorial straw wreath
kinda psychedelic! :)
diy tutorial straw wreath
Timmons Family shares this amazing tip on how to hang a wreath from your cabinets without putting nail holes... an upside down command hook! GENIUS!
Pretty Handy Girl used a ceiling medallion to make her wreath. I love it just as is...
...or add a cute book page flower in the middle! CUTE!
These cool wreaths were spotted by Casa Sugar while on a shopping trip. These eye-catching store display which featured candy-colored laurel wreaths using, yep plastic spoons!
how fun is this!
I always love the look of a book page wreath! This one comes from The Nester
notice the book page chandelier in the background...
and she made a second wreath making the book pages into leaves
I like the look of adding a book page wreath to the middle of a window too! This one came from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
...and I just noticed that Tip Junkie shared 88 wreaths today! Be sure to check those out!
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happy wreath making!


Jenny said...

These are some great wreath tips! I would love if you would link up to Lovely Things Thursday!
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There's no better way to dress your door for the season than with a beautiful DIY wreath. However, crafting a homemade front door decoration can be tricky—good thing I have seen your post.

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Penelope Sanchez said...

Your wreaths reminds me that it's Christmas time again. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. It inspires me to make my own wreath.