Easy As Pumpkin Pie!

This is an adorable idea!
It's a pumpkin pie thankful spinner.

 I saw it over at Parents.com
and knew that my boys would love to do this!

So, this is how we made ours...

 orangeish-brown paper
paper plate
a brad
distress ink/stain

 Trim the edge of a paper plate rim with scissors to make it scalloped, like pie crust. Then, we used distressing ink to stain the outside of our plate to resemble the color of crust. We found cute leftover Halloween paper that we used to make our "pumpkin pie" and we cut a circle to fit the center of the plate.

Cut a slice out of your pie so you can reveal what you are thankful for. Put the circle paper on top of your paper plate and poke a hole through the centers, then insert a brad through the holes.

Add "thankful for" lettering stickers to the top, and hand write what you are thankful for on the paper plate in each slice of pie as your spin your paper pie.

I am thankful for easy crafts,
 kids, and pumpkin pie!


elise said...

I LOVE this idea!!

Shay said...

LOVE this! It looks just like pie! And it gives the kids a great way to say what their thankful for!

sam said...

great idea! found rafia/grass, hopefully you know what I mean!, wall paper today at an estate sale~ that will work great for the pie piece!
thank you!

Heather said...

This is such a cute idea! I can't wait to try it!

rancour said...

my gf saw this and absolutely loved this idea!

Cassie said...

This is a fantastic idea!!!!!

Fer said...

I will do that for sure with my family GREAT IDEIA!!!


kirstikoo said...

What a cute project! I would love for you to share this on my Thanksgiving Link-Up!

Miss Shiu said...

Hi, Marni,
I'm an EFL teacher in Taiwan. I just saw your post of easy as pumpkin pie and really love this great idea!! Actually, me and my friends really enjoy reading your blog and appreciating your creative teaching ideas. I am wondering if it is welcome that I share this pumpkin pie idea on my facebook page with a photo and a direct link to your blog with other EFL teachers?? It will certainly inspire most of them!