It Makes Perfect Scents!

Remember THIS giveaway?
Trina sent me an email shortly after the giveaway started
 letting me know that, along with the winner of the giveaway, I would also be receiving a  FREE full sized warmer and pack of scents bars just for hosting the giveaway. Are you kidding me?! NOPE. Well, let me tell you!! Trina dropped off my Scentsy stuff yesterday, and OH MY! They are fillin' my house with some magical scents. I knew that they would smell good, but I never imagined THIS good!

I got this

Thank you Trina for making me smile!
Do you love Scentsy?
 Which one is your fave?


Shay said...

You house does smell good! How nice of her to do that!

Cassie said...

I love Scentsy!!!!!
I just took Bourbon out and added Cucumber Lime...Yummmmm!!!!!!

Davis and Laura said...

Love Hemingway for the Fall---a huge favorite. And love Green Smoothie for everyday and every season, its really light and refreshing. Welcome to your new addiction. I love Scentsy!