St. Patrick's Day Mask

Made By Me Monday!
This looked like a cute idea on paper, but as it was coming together it suddenly turned NOT.SO.CUTE. This is my original idea from Kinder Art. See how it looks cute...

green paper/scrapbook paper
shamrock stickers/vinyl
hole punch
 cut your shamrock out of paper and cut your eyes out (not literally...ha!)
add your shamrock stickers or just draw them on and punch holes for ribbon
NOW, here is where the trick comes in! See how the holes are punched on the outsides? Don't do that! Punch the holes closer to the eyes. I will show you why!
{this is with the holes punched on the outside}
not good.
{this is with the holes punched closer to the eye holes}
...a little better. You can at least see the entire shamrock and what it supposed to be. Otherwise it just look like a weird mask with a large bump on top on the head! ;) It still look like some kind of martian thing, but the kids enjoyed making them- so that's all that counts! I think it's actually kind of funny! Look at the nose/stem! ha! Oh well... you win some and lose some.
TOTAL TIME SPENT: 30 minutes
Happy Monday!


J A C Q U E L I N E said...

No money spent! Thats the kind of craft my husband would like me to do... :) and if the kids love it. that is even better.

Anna said...

As long as the kids like it, that's all that matters. :)


Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

Cute & hilarious. Thanks for linking to the Kids Can Craft Party!