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A Sassy Christmas 2011

 I am SUPER excited to be announcing another Sassy Christmas party this year! Last year's party was FABulous and tons of great ideas were shared! I am hoping that this year will be just as exciting (if not MORE!!) 
December 2- Free For All Friday
December 3- Crafty Christmas Trees
December 4- Christmas Teacher/Neighbor Gifts
December 6- Trash to Treasure Tuesday
December 9- Free For ALL Friday!
December 11- Christmas Printables
December 12- Christmas Pennant Banners/Garland
December 13- Trash to Treasure Tuesday
December 14- Christmas Wreaths
December 15- Christmas Homemade Ornaments
December 16- Free For ALL Friday!
December 17- Snowmen Crafts and Treats
December 18-  Christmas Home Decor
December 19- Christmas Outdoors
December 20- Trash to Treasure Tuesday
December 21- Christmas Star
December 22- Christmas Nativities
December 23- Free For ALL Friday
December 24- Christmas FAVORITES!
December 25- Merry Christmas!!
Make sure that you keep in mind what things are coming, that way you can link up everyday and enjoy the fun! There will be TONS of great ideas here, YOUR ideas! I will be linking back to this post and updating each day with a link to each of the themes! This is going to be your GO-TO place for everything Christmas!!
Grab a button and spread the word!

(A huge BUTTON for a huge PARTY!)
This is going to be a 
very SASSY Christmas!


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

What a fun line-up ... can't wait to see all the Christmas inspiration!

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

very awesome. i love this button!

Linda said...

Can't wait. Looks like we are going to have some fun.

Shay said...


Joy said...

This is wonderful!

Mama Swalz said...

Wahoo! Thanks Ames!!

king said...

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